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Digital assets, currencies, and alternative investments.

Trans Block Digital

Financial Services

We are in the planning phase of building a Blockchain-based Fintech platform to serve individuals, SMEs and not-for-profits.

We are currently accepting community investment.

OTC Trading Desk

Purchase or sell cryptocurrencies including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana and PolyX.

Convert $CAD or $USD to digital dollars such as USDC and Tether.

We are a licensed virtual asset dealer (MSB# M21732001).


As Ottawa’s Bitcoin Hub,
we provide education and professional seminars to individuals and organizations.


We serve as advisors and external consultants for government agencies, companies or projects seeking to utilize Blockchain technology or digital assets.

What We Do

Our Blockchain Practice Areas

Digital Securities & Assets

Tokenized securities are a version of digital ownership governed by smart contracts for any variety of public or private equities, debt, real estate, fractional ownership or other assets. Because of this, many jurisdictions are deeming these types of tokens as securities under existing classifications and regulations.

Most famously, the U.S. SEC declaring that in its opinion, almost all tokens would be classified as securities under its definition.

Thanks to equity crowdfunding rules, an increasingly popular way for startups and SMEs to raise funds are Security Token Offerings, also known as Digital Security Offerings.

Trans Block Digital, through its alternative investment platform and broker-dealer partners, will offer unparalleled  access to public funding to SMEs in Canada and the United States.

Digital Currencies & Payments

Over 10 countries, including France, China and Sweden have already announced plans for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) on Blockchain and/or distributed ledgers. Dozens more are studying it including Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Beyond CBDCs, there are numerous digital currencies being used today including Bitcoin and “stablecoins” pegged to national fiat currencies such as the U.S. and Canadian dollars. These allow frictionless, and permission-less financial transactions with near-instant settlement.

Trans Block Digital is currently building a Blockchain-based banking and alternative investment platform that will give our users access to the new digital economy via our FINTRAC registered Money Service Business, PhilanthroBit.

Industries Disrupted by Blockchain Technology

☆ Healthcare Industry

Blockchain technology can revamp the trust by securely storing medical records that can be accurately and safely transferred to and accessed by the doctors and people who are authorized. 

☆ Legal Industry

It is poised to disrupt some areas of the legal industry by being able to store and verify documents and data. Records (including wills) stored on the blockchain will be quickly and securely verified. Any changes to the documents will be authenticated and stored.

☆ Other Industries

Nearly everything is being disrupted. Some examples are Banking and Finance including Investment Funds, Insurance, Education, Real Estate, Global Commerce and Government.

Supply Chain & Logistics

The very things that are necessary for reliability and integrity in a supply chain are provided by blockchain. Blockchain provides consensus—there is no dispute in the chain regarding transactions because all entities on the chain have the same version of the ledger. Everyone on the blockchain can see the chain of ownership for an asset on the blockchain. Records on the blockchain cannot be erased which is important for a transparent supply chain.

Companies like Maersk, Oracle, British Airways, IBM, Apple, Walmart, and Amazon, are all exploring the possibilities of blockchain in the supply chain.

One project deals actively with tracing the origins of the mangoes being sold across Walmart’s stores in the United States, while another seeks to trace the pork meat being sold via the company’s different Chinese outlets. From an efficiency perspective, the research team at Walmart claims that by making use of this new system, the time needed to trace the firm’s provenance has dropped from seven days to just 2.2 seconds.

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"Thanks to Trans Block Digital, not-for-profits like the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication can explore ways to reduce logistical expenses and increase efficiencies while operating with full transparency."
"Collab Space is proud to partner with TBD in order to offer Bitcoin education and events. Their services will greatly contribute to the Ottawa business community and beyond."
Emile Salem
Emile Salem
Owner, Collab Space
"Pierre Gaudet is the most knowledgable person I know in the Blockchain and digital currency field. I wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with TBD for your needs."
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Puneet Aggarwal
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