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Some of the issues we aim to solve.

Surprisingly to many, the “developing world” is not the only place where people are at the mercy of predatory money transfer services, lenders, and similar entities operating in the grey areas of the law. There’s a reason why there’s a Western Union, Money Gram, pawn shop or check cashing office at nearly every street corner.

In fact, according to the United Nations and the World Bank, in the U.S. alone, 1 in 4 or 81M is either underserved or unbanked. In Canada, it’s over 17% or 6.5 million people in dire need of access to financial services at a fair price.

If you’re making an above average salary, have a great credit history and/or never send money out of country then banking might be acceptable for you. Assuming you’re ok with receiving under 1% interest on your savings.

Optimism is at a record-low for Canadians when it comes to consumer debt. Half the nation’s consumers sit within $200 of being insolvent at month-end, and 49% are not confident they can cover the coming year’s expenses, according to the MNP Consumer Debt Index. Overall, the country owes $1.72 on every dollar of disposable income

Those who have gone through divorce, bankruptcy or unfortunate layoffs fall to the fringes of our society and are forced to use terrible but necessary alternatives.

Until recently, there were no other options.

A little story about us.

According to World Bank estimates, remittances totaled US$573 billion in 2019, of which US$422 billion went to developing countries that involved 250 million migrant workers. For some individual recipient countries, remittances can be as high as a third of their GDP.

The cost of those money transfers can be as high as 18%! This is well above the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target of 3 percent by 2030 (SDG target 10.c).

Our CEO, Pierre Gaudet spent over 25 years living and working abroad, including over a decade in China, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. Throughout his travels and business dealings, he was faced with rigid, unyielding financial systems and services as well as local entities ill equipped to help those truly in need.

Utilizing Trans Block Digital‘s upcoming digital wallet and investment platform, our sister company, PhilanthroBit, will be offering financial services not seen before in Canada. Our users will be able to earn up to 6% on deposits, and send money anywhere, anytime for well under the UN’s stated goal of 3% fees. All of this within minutes, not days, and with no monthly fees nor credit checks.

As Canada’s Bitcoin focused financial institution, we will be rolling out a series of financial products and services that will help our clients earn, save and invest in Bitcoin and other digital assets. Regardless of their credit score or income level, thus democratizing access to the new economy.

Not in 2030 as hoped by the UN, but a full decade earlier!

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As a Social Purpose Enterprise, our projects are built from the ground up to support our community and clients.

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Join us in fighting poverty and fostering Financial Inclusion. Together we're stronger.

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We launched Ottawa's Bitcoin Hub because education is a core requirement for its adoption. Help us spread the word.

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We're disrupting the existing system by removing financial barriers for individuals, SMEs and non-profits with our digital wallet and Fintech services.

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We're mentors, advisors and volunteers. We believe that improving our communities is a personal responsibility

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Financial freedom is a human right. Partner with us to provide access to our member services globally. Join our network of socially conscious organizations.

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